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Warrior Romney may have miscalculated voters’ longings

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is attempting to project a tough image when it comes to foreign policy.

After stumbling through Britain on a recent tour, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney then landed in Israel with bugles sounding and war drums rolling, Iran in his sights. Now he is critical of President Barack Obama for his alleged weakness in the face of the attack on our consulate in Libya.

As with former President George W. Bush, who sounded the trumpets for the invasion of Iraq, Romney would, of course, be safe in Washington, D.C., while others serve on any new battlefield. I suggest we skip new wars with Iran and Libya until we have paid for Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s obvious Romney wants to prove his manhood before the electorate, perhaps as a way of halting the current slide in his poll numbers. He could have proved it in Vietnam, but he found a way to do his service in southern France. Romney supported the Vietnam War — just not enough to get involved, as he used student deferments and missionary status to stay well away.

Romney’s father, George Romney, originally supported the Vietnam War but changed his mind, claiming the military had actually “brainwashed” him.

The Romney team and the conservative media seem to think that any disenchantment with Obama means the public longs for the old days when the GOP neocons trashed our economic stability with big tax cuts while embarking on expensive wars.

The GOP may want to start planning for 2016.

Rolf Westgard is a professional member of the Geological Society of America and the American Nuclear Society. He teaches classes on energy for the University of Minnesota’s Lifelong Learning program. His new fall quarter class is “Update on Fukushima and the Iran Nuclear Program.”


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Comments (22)

  1. Submitted by Dennis Tester on 09/13/2012 - 03:16 pm.


    As of today, Romney’s ahead in the polls.

  2. Submitted by Rachel Weisman on 09/13/2012 - 03:44 pm.

    Rasmussen? Really? Who’d have thought? *snork*

  3. Submitted by Robert Gauthier on 09/13/2012 - 05:02 pm.


    That was one Rasmussen poll, another out today has him behind. And in electoral college, Obama is projected to have 300+ EV. He is pulling ahead in many states after the newest Romney foot in mouth disease outbreak,

  4. Submitted by Neal Rovick on 09/13/2012 - 05:10 pm.

    Is there any member of the extensive Romney family of future gods that has served in the military? I don’t think so.

    And, Ryan has released campaign ads for his House seat.

    I guess he doesn’t want to live without a seat at the public trough, errr, table.

  5. Submitted by Gary Doan on 09/13/2012 - 06:46 pm.

    The election is basically over

    The next two months will be a media event, but the vast majority of voters have decided, so what we are seeing is just banter in the press. Between now ant the election, the debates may have effect, but the media is pretty much a non-factor since only about 20% of voters have any confidence in the media and that 20% has probably decided who they are voting for.

  6. Submitted by Richard Schulze on 09/14/2012 - 06:42 am.

    Mr. Romney’s business acumen really isn’t all that impressive and if you take a look at most American presidents few (if any) of the best were successful business men.

    This would be a good moment to pause and recall the accomplishments of our first MBA President.

  7. Submitted by Beryl John-Knudson on 09/14/2012 - 07:04 am.

    The polls are oracles of media hype…

    Pepe Escobar (“Brother Obama, where art thou?”Asia is a most astute and most cynical journalist who is never standing around waiting for our same old copy-cat media pollsters to tell us who’s up, who’s down…but sees Romney as a “foreign policy pigmy”.

    I like that, plus:
    “The last thing Obama needs now is to gloat over his success in finishing off al-Qaeda, or to get embroiled in a messy Arab spring debate. If, as stellar Nate Silver attests Obama has 80% of reelection, all he has to do is to calculate every move to prevent any serious controversy…”

    I say also, Obama, watch Hillary…she who plays a bossy/bullying Mary Poppins telling other nations what to do; and not exactly improving the state of our foreign policy overseas.

    “Who loves you baby?” could get worse if she keeps giving out her more than finger-shaking-in-their-face, maternal advice too often?

    Footnote: Escobar’s latest article is about as positive as this philosophically cynical but too often prophetic Pepe will get… worth integrating into one’s perspective or one can go blind staring at the neurotic state of our standard pollsters,eh?

  8. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 09/14/2012 - 11:22 am.


    …with all due respect, do you ever read anything other than leftist websites?

    Here’s what every one else is learning:

    As of this morning, radical Muslims in 20 countries are attacking our embassies. One of our ambassadors has been assassinated. Bullets are flying. The University of Texas at Austin has been evacuated because of a terrorist bomb threat.

    The world is watching as Obama acts out the most inept response to a serious foreign relations crisis since Jimmy Carter. At this point, calling Mitt “Warrior” is high praise indeed.

  9. Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 09/14/2012 - 03:05 pm.

    No, actually the most inept response to the attacks in Libya and Egypt was Romney’s. Even major Republican figures got that. As one commentator said: Romney on foreign policy and diplomacy is not ready for prime time. He leads with warlike sounds, and is anything but a man of peace, totally unaware of the impact of his statements in times of crisis.

    One hopes that the electorate gets to know him on foreign policy before the election. And, gets to realize that on many issues, they actually agree with Obama. Particularly, on “Obamacare,” which Romney this week began to tout as something he would keep. (I’ll grant him the benefit of the doubt, that he really does comprehend that you can’t have guaranteed health care insurance for pre-existing conditions without an everybody-in insurance mandate.)

    Wow. Stay tuned, sports fans. Maybe Romney will continue running the ball this way down the field, making touchdowns for the opposite team.

  10. Submitted by rolf westgard on 09/14/2012 - 06:00 pm.

    Mitt the Scary

    When Mitt hit the UK and trashed the Olympic organizers, the media dubbed him “Mitt the Twit”. Now that he wants to attack every Muslim country, he is “Mitt the Scary”.

  11. Submitted by rolf westgard on 09/14/2012 - 06:30 pm.

    Some serious thinking at the RNC.

    Perhaps some urgent calls to Jeb Bush. But it’s probably too late to make the switch.

  12. Submitted by rolf westgard on 09/16/2012 - 01:47 pm.

    It’s all about Florida

    Romney must win in Florida, and he is trashing Medicare. Madness. We seniors know Medicare works and that it cuts cost with its DDGs and low overhead and freedom of choice. It does need to raise the contribution for us higher income participants, but no senior wants it gone. Vouchers? Madness!

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