Community Voices

Minnesota State needs to rethink its governance

It’s time for to consider a less centralized approach — one that recognizes the importance of listening to the diverse voices of the people and communities the system purports to serve. 

Sensible firearm safety: a legislative blueprint

My proposal draws upon ideas already under consideration in our country as well as laws and customs from other countries that have proven successful in limiting the violent use of firearms.

Historic Fort Snelling must be revitalized

My great-great-grandparents, Dred and Harriet Scott, spent a significant amount of time at Fort Snelling. Their story, and those of many others, can be better shared. 

Teacher: Good contracts benefit St. Paul students

I was not involved in crafting the proposals on the table new, but I know from where they come: from the faith we have in collective bargaining as a process to deliver the schools our students deserve.