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Pandemic life: Distance learning, Day 3

10:47 Mom’s mental break on phone in bedroom. 10:49 Daughter stands over mom in bedroom. 10:50 Mental break over.

Anxious and stressed-out parents, particularly those who are teleworking, are turning to TV and video games to help keep their kids busy and out of their hair.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Distance learning, Day 3, morning:

8:00 Webinar begins for mom’s important leadership grant opportunity

8:12 Son wakes mom up

8:13 Put son’s waffle in

8:15 Son needs favorite book from Dad’s for morning meeting

8:16 Drive to pick up “The Hobbit” from Dad’s

8:30 Son’s class begins

8:31 Make coffee

8:32 Call in to webinar for grant opportunity

8:33 Consider how to lead more effectively in community

9:21 Wake daughter up

9:22 Daughter complains mom didn’t shake her leg to wake her up, thereby making it harder for her to fully awaken

9:22 Yell at daughter to set an alarm

9:23 Put two waffles in for daughter

9:35 Daughter’s class begins

9:36 Begin prepping lunch

9:39 Daughter asks for water

9:48 Out of peanut butter, find some peanuts in pantry, whir up nut butter in Vitamix!

10:06 Son asks for another waffle, frozen

10:09 Start exercise video, do 60 seconds of biceps curls

10:10 Son begins gym class

10:11 Text downstairs neighbors to apologize for son’s jumping jacks

10:13 Son asks for water

10:15 Son asks mom to hold his feet for sit-ups

10:15 Daughter calls mom into room to see the comments on her classroom page from classmate who claims George Floyd died of an overdose and anyway he was a criminal

10:16 Worry about the world

10:19 Daughter asks for eggs

10:21 Son finds balloon in closet, begins blowing up and deflating repeatedly

10:23 Frozen waffle is found on computer keyboard half-eaten

10:24 Remove frozen waffle

10:30 Class “brain break” for son is spent playing computer games

10:31 Set alarm clock for daughter

10:32 Daughter calls friends to discuss comment section drama

10:44 Put in a Target order

10:47 Mom’s mental break on phone in bedroom

10:49 Daughter stands over mom in bedroom

10:50 Mental break over

10:59 Son’s balloon pops

photo of article author
Rena Kraut
11:00 Stress-induced eczema flares up

11:11 Read online tips on helping kids adapt and thrive in online school. Classical music is suggested.

11:12 Open mail, read about severely reduced and online concert season for one of employers and continued financial decline of musician pension

11:13 Son plays loudly with pen at dining room table; daughter yells from bedroom

11:17 Son reports “extremely boring” Google meet, is hungry

11:22 Continue lunch prep

11:23 Board chair emails with tasks

11:24 Loud muttering, sighs, pen clicking from son’s dining room office

11:30 Complete and send assignment for board chair

11:32 “I’m starving and I’m tired and I do not like online school at all. What’s for lunch? Mom?”

11:35 Daughter emerges, announces she “can’t do this all year!”

11:36 Mom eats breakfast

Rena Kraut is a classical clarinetist and the executive director of the Cuban American Youth Orchestra.

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