Community Voices

The view from Mama Houndja’s

In America, cynics populate our newsstands, social media feeds, and many halls of public service, but the right way ahead still lies in the hands of the empathetic, humble, and caring.

Union solidarity will prevail

Worker organizing has quickened. Prominent among the efforts are statewide teachers’ walkouts in West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arizona, the latter two right-to-work states.

When the republic pollutes the personal

I’ve been thinking: It’s been a great summer. Coffee on patios, conversation with friends, family, peers. But talks that usually would focus on the Minnesota art of “catching up” have routinely devolved into a review of what is happening in our country.

Tobacco disparities are still very much with us

My African ancestors were brought to America to pick tobacco long before cotton. We have literally been enslaved to tobacco for hundreds of years. It infuriates me that it continues today.

John McCain exemplified public service at its best

We now honor John McCain at his passing. But a question looms: Who among today’s leaders in Congress will step forward to emulate the patriotism, courage and civility that defined John McCain as a statesman in our time?