Community Voices

Nonviolence as a different kind of power

The alternative to fury and dominating power is nonviolence. Nonviolence cultivates the spiritual, moral, and psychological discipline not to demonize opponents.

Where’s the outrage for her?

Her letters stopped. Thirty years later, we had a chance encounter, and I learned the real reason she had so suddenly disappeared from my life. 

The making of a tent city

It’s time for people with housing to not cling to the story they heard that someone chooses to be homeless or that it’s too expensive to fix.

Disabled workers: Proposed DEED rule limits our options

DEED thinks it knows what’s good for us, but it doesn’t. It should work to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities by leaving the choice of what type of employment best suits us to us.

Finding ME in Minnesota

In 2016, I was diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). My first thought was, what is that??

Militarizing Minnesota over Line 3

Times are changing, the militarization of police is on the increase, and pressure by Chilean mining and pipeline companies to militarize northern Minnesota is bearing fruit.

What (copper) mine do you support?

It is time for U.S. consumers, including those in Minnesota, to involve themselves in responsible sourcing of materials. It should not be acceptable to simply say “not here because this place is special to me.”