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Klaatu barada uffda: UFO sightings in Minnesota

Here it is: every Minnesota UFO sighting on record at the National UFO Reporting Center. There are close to 800 entries and the sightings cover all corners of the state, stretching back to 1947. In case you're wondering why we posted this, you'll find your answer here.

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UFO Sighting tonight!

Tonight at about 01:30 on 10-10-2012 my wife and I observed a UFO to the east of our house. I ran into the house and got out my telescope. We observed this UFO for about 2 hours as it moved around periodicaly changing possitions. As I looked at it thru the telescope it had a big bright light in the middle and 2 smaller lights sticking out each side kind of like this * * O * * . We then heard what sounded like a fighter jet fly to the east over us. the object then started to move away, but not to fast. As I watched it thru the telescope I kind of noticed that there was more to the object than previously thought. It seemed that it take on the shape of a long cigar or elongated triangle with sharp edges that had a dim light in front of it.

* \_____________
* `````````-----__
O -------------------------------- __>*
* /

My wife stated that she has never seen anything like this before and she is a believer now! WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS UNIVERSE!

UFO (ET spaceship) after fireworks display

If anyone else noticed the large triangular shape in the nite sky just after the fireworks display over the River in St. Cloud, MN, you were not hallunicating.
Six orange lights arranged in a large V shape.
Noticed slightly northeast of Wilson Park overhead at 10:25pm.
The orange lights were coming and going from the large space craft.

UFO sighting

Nov. 4th 2013 at 2pm I noticed a bright light in the sky that I thought was simply a plane. Later, I hopped into bed with my husband at midnight (of the 5th) to notice that the bright light was still there. I observed it for a few more seconds and then realized that It had flashing lights around it. Red Green and Blue colors. (Sounds more like a plane right?) Then my husband got up to take a look at it through the window and it began flashing orange while moving to the side just out of our view. We went onto the deck to look at it and it seemed to be moving in swirling motions. Then, what sounded like a Jet of some sort flew right above our apartment building on Mcknight and 7th ave. and the object seemed to float off and dissapear into the night sky..

Bright light

I don't have a time but the date was July 2016 and was looking up with the naked eye looking northeast all of a sudden a bright light appeared..super bright which took me by complete surprise by just occuring .. it looked oblong and then seemed to turn and poof it was gone. Wondered if anyone else saw something around that date? I've never seen anything like that before.