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Mapping voter same-day registrations in Minnesota

One of the issues that has surfaced as the Legislature debates Voter ID is how the proposed constitutional amendment would affect Election Day registration.

Opponents of the amendment say it will make Election Day registration impractical, and posit that a higher percentage of voters who register on Election Day tend to vote Democrat. But Voter ID supporters, including most GOP lawmakers, say the measure is critical to maintaining the state’s election integrity. They also dismiss concerns over disenfranchisement.

According to our analysis, in precincts with greater than 40 percent same-day registrations, 92 percent of those precincts gave a majority to the DFL in the 2008 presidential race; 8 percent of the precincts went to the GOP. In the 2008 state legislative race, 92 percent of the high-EDR precincts went Democratic, 5 percent went Republican.

We've mapped which Minnesota precincts receive the highest percentage of Election Day registrations based on the 2008 general elections (the darker the color, the higher the percentage), as well as the political leaning of each precinct in the 2008 congressional and presidential elections. Hover over a precinct to view the numbers, or type in your address below to zoom into your home precinct.

Read more about the Voter ID Amendment here.

Some districts may show a discrepancy in percentage because of input errors at the county level.

Map Legend

Percentage of Election Day registrations

25 – 40%
15 – 25%
10 – 15%
5 – 10%
0 – 5%
Data not available

Source: Minnesota Secretary of State

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