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Interactive: Who will control the 2013 Minnesota Legislature?

Gray districts represent the competitive State Senate races.

With redistricting putting all 201 legislative races in play, both the DFL and Republican parties are going all out to gain majorities in both the House and Senate.

The Republican Party took control of both houses in the 2010 elections, but a switch in a small number of districts could put the DFL back in the majority -- a pickup of seven seats in the House and four in the Senate.

MinnPost is focusing on 28 of the most competitive races that could determine that outcome.

By choosing the House or Senate buttons, you can use this interactive graphic both to check out the political lean of any individual race and to see who would control the Legislature under several election scenarios.


Data from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. Icons by P.J. Onori, Nadav Barkan and Adrijan Karavdic, from the The Noun Project collection.

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