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Meet the Minneapolis mayoral candidates

MinnPost has gathered background information for the announced Minneapolis mayoral candidates, including excerpts from each of our candidate interviews.

Code, techniques, and some data on Github.

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A converted Republican?

I find it really hard to understand why anyone would convert to Republican party at this juncture, after the last election cycle when republican extremes and dysfunction were on such display. What kind of person looks at that and says: "Ooh, that's the party for me?" And the answer to every problem isn't: "make easier to start a business".

It would be a step in the

It would be a step in the right direction if the GOP endorsed Winton. As much as I admire and wish the best for Mayor Rybak, the city could use a fresh perspective.

Not related to the post ..

I have to be honest .. when I saw "Code, techniques, and some data on Github." .. I did a doubletake and got all excited.

Now to explore the MinnPost repositories ...

Mayoral candidates

As usual you have left out the Socialist and Green candidates. Given that Minneapolis and Hennepin County elected officials have given about a billion of our dollars to the Pohlads and the Wilffs and the state DFL and GOP have just given $250 million to the Germazians some folks might want to see some truly fresh ideas.

Doug Mann of the Green Party is a mayoral candidate

Doug Mann is endorsed by the New Progressive Alliance, and will accept the Green Party endorsement if offered.

Doug Mann is fighting to put a Vikings Stadium referendum on the ballot this fall. Mann is seeking an order from the District Court to command the City Council to let the Citizens of Minneapolis decide whether to authorize the state to appropriate City of Minneapolis tax revenues and other City resources for the new Vikings stadium project. A hearing presided by Phillip Bush, District Court Judge is scheduled August 20, 2013. A ruling is expected shortly thereafter.

The highest priority of my administration shall be to eliminate systemic racism in employment, housing, K-12 education, and the criminal justice system.
For more information see

Mayor race

ok that's 7. Where are the 28 others?