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Get to know Minneapolis’ new City Council members

Minneapolis elected seven new members to the City Council in 2014. To help readers get to know the new council members, MinnPost asked each of them about their views on a range of urban policy issues.

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  1. Submitted by David Markle on 02/10/2014 - 07:37 pm.

    LRT and streetcars

    I’m alarmed that these new Minneapolis Council Members may be ignorant about the difference between streetcars and trains. Such ignorance on the part of St. Paul City Council members led to the installation of a train (Central Corridor/Green Line) on busy University Avenue. The train will travel at only a slightly faster overall speed than the existing No.16 bus line but will have 47 fewer places to get on or off. A thousand parking spaces were lost because of LRT infrastructure requirements. No. 16 bus service will be drastically reduced, No. 50 eliminated and even the rapid freeway bus service reduced. Because of the limited number of stations and reduced bus service, there will be less transit access for the mobility handicapped. A major environmental impact study showed that the University Avenue route was the least desirable of the three considered for Central Corridor LRT, and that the clearly preferable I-94/Soo Line route would attract 33% more riders (presumably because of faster transit speed that would draw commuters off the freeway).

    At the same time, if the St. Paul City Council wanted rails on University Avenue, a modern street car line on University Avenue would have been far less disruptive and would have been cheaper to build, even without federal subsidy!

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