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Are these temperatures normal?

As Minnesotans, we all have opinions about how warm or cold it has been in the Twin Cities, and depending on how long you have lived in these parts, you may have ideas about how the weather stacks up to the way things used to be. To put things in context, we've compared the current temperature patterns with the 30-year average. Updated hourly.

You can also search on any historical date (below) to see the weather conditions on that day. Here are a few past Memorial Days to get you started: 2013   2012   1999   1965

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What about this snow pack?

Seems to me this snow pack is unusually durable. I'm not saying my memory is perfect but in 51 years I don't remember this much winter snow hanging this long into the spring season.

I knew my

extra heavy wool sweaters were getting tired of winter.

Thanks for sharing the data.

Cold for the New Normal

Basing the normal on 1981-2010 makes sense for 30-somethings. A long-term chart going back to 1872 would show a pattern of gradually warmer winters with an occasional spike to the downside like this winter (average temp of +9.7) or the winter of 1978-79 (+9.4). And though none of us were around to suffer through it, the winter of 1874-75 recorded an average temperature of +4.0 degrees in the Twin Cities according to the DNR website. We're not likely to see that kind of cold again.


I don't mind winter. What I do mind is winter that last six months out of the year. I need to retire to some place a little warmer when I reach that age. Slipping and sliding on an icy sidewalk at age 70 is not my idea of a good time.

March madness?

What's with this article being dated in March and all the comments also having March dates (and discussing snow pack and cold temperatures and such on the warmest weekend we've had yet this year)?


It's back again!

Article is still dated March of 2014. Which begs the question - what is the year of the charted dates in the article?

Methinks there needs to be some editing here for clarity . . . . . .

As my old statistician pal

As my old statistician pal used to tell me, nothing lies like an average...

Perhaps they are allowing

Perhaps they are allowing readers to reflect on the fact that this winter is shaping up to be just as brutal.

Except of course that it isn't "fact"

An El Nino pattern is already occurring caused by the warming of the oceans. November cold snap aside, we're looking at a moderate December and January.

Winter coming earlier

I've been making a backyard ice rink for about fifteen years now. The old rule of thumb has been wait for the first cold snap in December before flooding. Last year we were skating just before Thanksgiving. This year, Nov. 12 was a skating day... with only one day too warm to use it since.