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Voter turnout in Minnesota, mapped

Voter turnout for midterm elections, like the one in November, tends to be consistently lower than it is for elections held in presidential election years. This past general election saw a statewide turnout of eligible voters of about 51 percent. But not all areas turn out equally. In Cook County, for instance, an impressive 70.2 percent of eligible voters came out to cast a ballot, the highest rate in the state. But in Winona County the rate was, well, a lot lower. To see the turnout levels in each and every Minnesota county, check out the two maps below: The first shows turnout as a percentage of the voting-age population; the second as a percentage of registered voters.  


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  1. Submitted by Todd Adler on 12/11/2014 - 11:51 am.

    Small Correction

    Just a small correction to the maps’ caption and headers. “November 4th, 2015” should be bumped back a year to 2014. Unless, of course, I just slept through the past twelve months. In which case, carry on! And it means I finally caught up on sleep!

  2. Submitted by Robert McManus on 12/16/2014 - 12:30 pm.

    This map could and should show turnout by precinct.

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