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A statistical look at Minnesota’s veterans

Minnesota is home to 366, 990 veterans. In honor of the national holiday, here’s what Census data tell us about them. 

Today marks 97 years since the Allies and Germany agreed to the cease-fire that led to the end of World War I, a.k.a “the war to end all wars,” designated “Armistice Day” by then-President Woodrow Wilson. After World War II and Korean War, with a good amount of confusion, Congress redubbed it “Veterans Day” to honor soldiers who fought in all wars.

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In honor of the holiday, we’re taking a dive into all things Minnesota veterans.

Minnesota is home to 366,990 vets, about 9 percent of the state’s total population over 18. The vast majority — about 95.5 percent — are men, which is slightly higher than the national average of 92.7 percent.

About 25 percent have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, less than the general population (34 percent). Still, the median household income for Minnesota veterans is about $62,000, marginally higher than the statewide median of $59,836. Almost 50,000 own businesses; 317 are homeless.

Here’s when they served:

Minnesota veterans by era of service
Source: U.S. Census

Given that the Vietnam War is most represented, it’s not surprising that almost half of the state’s vets are 65 or older. Only 14 percent are 44 years old or younger.

Here’s a breakdown on health care:

Minnesota veterans and health care
Source: U.S. Census

And here’s how Minnesota’s veteran population compares nationally:

Veterans as percent of population 18 years and older
Source: U.S. Census 2009-2013 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates (Table GCT2101)