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Where Minneapolis mayoral candidates won their first-choice votes

We mapped first-choice votes for the top mayoral candidates in Minneapolis by ward.

As of Wednesday morning, we still don’t know who the next mayor of Minneapolis will be. Election night totals (from the Minnesota secretary of state) for first-choice votes had Jacob Frey in first place, with about 25% of votes, trailed by Tom Hoch at around 19 percent and incumbent Mayor Betsy Hodges in third at just over 18% of first-choice votes.

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While city elections staffers get to work redistributing second- and third-choice votes on ballots whose first-choice candidates have been eliminated, we took a look at where the first-choice votes for the top candidates in Minneapolis came from, by ward.

First, overall turnout was up over 2013’s showing at 104,297 first-choice votes, compared to 79,174 in the previous mayor’s race. As is often the case, wards in southwest Minneapolis cast the highest number of votes.

Minneapolis mayoral vote by ward
Jacob Frey

First-round vote leader Frey had his best result in the southwestern Ward 13, capturing about 4,000 of the nearly 12,000 total votes cast in the ward. He also had a strong showing in Ward 3, the ward he currently represents on the City Council.

Betsy Hodges

Hodges saw her strongest support across southern Minneapolis, but drew votes from across the city. However, even in her best wards, her vote totals were often lower than Frey’s.

Tom Hoch

Support for Hoch was concentrated principally in Ward 13, though he received fewer votes there than Frey. Hoch also had strong support in the relatively wealthy Ward 7, which covers parts of downtown as well as the Lowry Hill, Bryn-Mawr and Kenwood neighborhoods. He slightly outperformed Frey in that ward.

Raymond Dehn

Support for current state Rep. Raymond Dehn, who finished just behind Hodges on first-choice votes with about 17 percent, was the sort of mirror inverse of Hoch. Votes for Dehn were concentrated in Northeast, Southeast and the eastern part of south Minneapolis.

Nekima Levy-Pounds

Nekima Levy-Pounds finished fifth in overall first-choice votes, winning 15 percent of those votes. Her best ward was Ward 12 in the southeast corner of the city, but all the top-four candidates won more votes in that ward.