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Police tape by Justin McGregor
Data & Maps

Crime in Minneapolis

Monthly crime statistics for Minneapolis interactive application.

Data & Maps

Mapping fiber Internet in Minneapolis: Where is it and will it expand?

Explore where residential fiber-optic cable is appearing in Minneapolis.

Data & Maps

Which Minnesota cities will receive largest LGA payouts?

Explore 2014 LGA distributions to Minnesota's cities.

Data & Maps

Some other ways to look at the CDC's preschool obesity numbers

Examining the data in other forms reveals different aspects childhood obesity in the U.S.

Bill explorer
Data & Maps

The 2013 legislative session: What did they pass?

Browse Minnesota's new laws by category, or search for your legislators.

bachmann portrait
Data & Maps

Michele Bachmann's political timeline

A look back at Bachmann's personal and political history.

gay marriage protest
Data & Maps

A timeline of Minnesota's gay-marriage debate

Explore the major events from the last two years of same-sex marriage conversation in Minnesota.

Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates
Data & Maps

Meet the Minneapolis mayoral candidates

Get to know the mayoral hopefuls with this interactive candidate browser.

Legislative explorer
Data & Maps

Minnesota 2013 Legislative Bill Tracker

Follow the status of key legislation and learn what those bills mean for you.

Commute thumbnail
Data & Maps

Mapping commute times in Minnesota

Explore average commute times by zip code.

X-subsidy map
Data & Maps

Special education cross-subsidy: Where has it grown the fastest?

The amount of general ed funding used for special-needs students is on the rise, but the growth hasn't been even.

old time cash register. Creative commons photo by Flickr user zizzybaloobah
Data & Maps

Build your own sales tax policy for Dayton's new budget

Can you raise enough revenue to plug the budget gap while leaving your favorite services untaxed?

Budget primer
Data & Maps

Budget 101: A graphic primer to Dayton's budget proposal

Explore a visual explainer of Gov. Dayton's new budget plan.

Minnesota payday lending map
Data & Maps

Poverty level and payday lending locations mapped

See where Minnesota's payday lenders are located, and how their locations correlate to poverty rates.

Data & Maps

Firearms in Minnesota: by the numbers

A brief overview of what we know about guns in Minnesota — and what we don't know.

Math test
Data & Maps

Can you pass the mathematics GRAD test for high-school students?

Try your hand at the test Minnesota seniors must face in order to graduate from high school.