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old time cash register. Creative commons photo by Flickr user zizzybaloobah
Data & Maps

Build your own sales tax policy for Dayton's new budget

Can you raise enough revenue to plug the budget gap while leaving your favorite services untaxed?

Budget primer
Data & Maps

Budget 101: A graphic primer to Dayton's budget proposal

Explore a visual explainer of Gov. Dayton's new budget plan.

Minnesota payday lending map
Data & Maps

Poverty level and payday lending locations mapped

See where Minnesota's payday lenders are located, and how their locations correlate to poverty rates.

Data & Maps

Firearms in Minnesota: by the numbers

A brief overview of what we know about guns in Minnesota — and what we don't know.

Math test
Data & Maps

Can you pass the mathematics GRAD test for high-school students?

Try your hand at the test Minnesota seniors must face in order to graduate from high school.

Data & Maps

Interactive: New Minnesota Legislature's incumbents, newcomers and returnees

Ten DFLers and one Republican who previously served are back.

Election Dashboard
Data & Maps

2012 Live Election Results Dashboard

Real-time returns from the Secretary of State beginning at 8 p.m. on Election Night.

Cash donations Photo: REUTERS/Mark Blinch
Data & Maps

Who is funding the marriage amendment fight?

Explore a sortable, searchable table of donors for and against the marriage amendment.

My Election Search
Data & Maps

My Elections: Explore 2012 races for your address

Find statewide and multiple-county elections that are happening where you live.

2013 legislature interactive
Data & Maps

Interactive: Who will control the 2013 Minnesota Legislature?

View potential election scenarios and explore detailed information about the most competitive Legislative races.

Abortion Votes
Data & Maps

Congressional votes on abortion

How the Minnesota congressional delegation's votes line up with the parties and Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri.

Data & Maps

Party loyalty and key votes of Minnesota's congresspeople

Explore the party loyalty of Minnesota's congressional delegation, and how they voted on key bills.

intersection map
Data & Maps

Mapping the Twin Cities' most dangerous intersections

Find out which intersections in the Twin Cities have the highest accident and fatality rates.

Data & Maps

Mapping invasive species in Minnesota

Explore an interactive map of invasive species throughout the state of Minnesota.

Nice Ride Map
Data & Maps

A day in the life of Nice Ride bikes

For Twin Cities Bike Walk Week, we've animated a day in the life of Nice Ride bikes around the cities.

Filing map
Data & Maps

Interactive: Who's running for the Minnesota Legislature

After Tuesday's filing deadline, find out who is running for the Legislature in each Senate and House district.