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Vikings stadium vote in the Minnesota House
Data & Maps

House Stadium bill: How they voted

See how each member of the Minnesota House of Representatives voted on the Vikings stadium bill.

FEC map
Data & Maps

Visualizing presidential campaign contributions throughout Minnesota

Find out which candidates the donors in your ZIP code supported.

Dollars by Tracy O
Data & Maps

Minnesota presidential campaign contributions in first quarter

Search through Minnesota's top contributors to presidential campaigns in the first quarter of 2012.

District map
Data & Maps

After redistricting, which legislative districts are vulnerable in 2012 election?

Explore the political leaning of the new Minnesota legislative districts, and discover which districts may be vulnerable in the upcoming election.

Bubble tree
Data & Maps

Taxes in Minnesota: Where do they come from?

An interactive breakdown of tax sources in Minnesota.

Weather map
Data & Maps

Mapping record-breaking temperatures in 2012

We've visualized this year's record-breaking temperatures at airports throughout Minnesota.

Minnesota Constitution
Data & Maps

An interactive history of constitutional amendments in Minnesota

Browse our sortable table of all constitutional amendments that have been proposed in Minnesota since 1858.

redistricting map
Data & Maps

Minnesota's 2012 congressional districts

View Minnesota's final congressional redistricting on an interactive map.

Data & Maps

Who supports the same-sex marriage ban?

Explore our interactive table of marriage amendment donors.

Gay marriage equal sign
Data & Maps

Who opposes the same-sex marriage ban?

Search the interactive table of donations made in opposition to the same-sex marriage ban.

Data & Maps

Minneapolis residents living below the poverty line

The Minneapolis neighborhoods on this map are shaded according to the percentage of residents estimated to be living below the poverty line.

Data & Maps

Contributions to Barack Obama by ZIP code

It probably wouldn't surprise you that contributors in the metro area have given the most money to the re-election campaign of Barack Obama.

School levy map
Data & Maps

Which districts passed 2011 school levies?

Voters this week approved 80 percent of the requests for operating levies on ballots in 114 communities.

Data & Maps

Minnesota's Failed Banks

The Minnesota Department of Commerce keeps a watch list of problem banks in Minnesota. Just over 36 percent of Minnesota's FDIC-insured banks were on that list in September.

Data & Maps

Minnesota Exports to Europe in 2011

Minnesota exports to the EU totalled close to $4 billion in 2010, or close to 22 percent of the state's total exports.

Data & Maps

Poverty moves to the suburbs

An interactive map

We've mapped the growth of suburban poverty in Minnesota.

Data & Maps

Where Minnesota's recently naturalized citizens come from

We used Department of Homeland Security data from Fiscal Year 2010 to create this map showing where Minnesota's newly naturalized citizens were born.