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Ailing Pioneer Press political reporter Salisbury plans return

Quick update on St. Paul Pioneer Press political reporter Bill Salisbury, who suffered a serious heart attack December 9. (His ticker stopped four times.) 

It's good news: PiPress social media editor Jen Westpfahl says Salisbury expects to return to work "in about a month." The legislative session is expected to open in two weeks (Jan. 24), so hopefully Bill won't miss too many fireworks.

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Comments (4)

Good news indeed.

I hope for the best for the best St. Paul-based Capitol reporter around.

Give 'em hell, Bill!

We need you back after you rest up and then you can once again help us sort out the mischief under the dome. Get well!

Here's to many more years of Bill Salisbury on the beat. He's a man of great integrity, the very essence of what it means to be a pro. His institutional memory is one of Minnesota's unsung assets. Like Dave Hanners, and I suspect everyone else who ever worked at the Pioneer Press -- and there are A LOT of us -- I'm proud to have spent time in the same shop as Salisbury. Be well, Bill.

I don't think I could have said it any better than Judy did. Can't wait to see Bill back at work. He's a Minnesota treasure.