Bachmann shrugs off speculation about seeking another post

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Michele Bachmann has been linked with a run for whole host of possible bids for other jobs — governor in 2010, Senate in 2012 or even as the vice presidential candidate on a ticket headed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. It’s the latter that has drawn the most fervent speculation, including by some at Palin’s recent book tour stop in Minnesota holding signs that suggested the pairing.

While Bachmann shrugged off that speculation Wednesday, it’s clear to see the affection between the two darlings of the right side of the Republican Party. Palin used the word “love” when signing Bachmann’s copy of her book, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” with an inscription that read: “Michele, we love you.”

For the record, Palin hasn’t said she’s running, Bachmann hasn’t endorsed her (or potential candidate Gov. Tim Pawlenty for that matter), and there are still two-and-a-half years left until any vice presidential decision is likely to be made by any candidate, Democrat or Republican.

That hasn’t stopped people from wondering if she’s got a future beyond Minnesota’s 6th District, however, but as of now Bachmann said the answer is no.

“That is not even a point of conjecture,” Bachmann said in an interview Wednesday. “I think [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi has her sights set on me, so my whole job is to get reelected and do the job that I was elected to do.”

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