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Finally, Senate unanimity on health care: Colleagues agree to move up Christmas Eve vote

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Don’t look now, but Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have agreed on something involving health care reform.

In a nod to senators and staffers from Midwestern states hoping to make it home for Christmas before an oncoming winter storm, senators today agreed by unanimous consent to move up Thursday’s vote on health care reform legislation to 8 a.m. from 7 p.m.

Klobuchar, before the time change was announced, said she was hoping it would be moved as a show of “civility to the body” and to assist staff members who want to head home for the holidays.

It might not matter, though. The National Weather Service said today that snow is expected to start falling in the Twin Cities sometime Wednesday afternoon, with total snowfall estimates reaching up to 2 feet. A storm of similar intensity slammed into the nation’s capital this past weekend, shutting down all three Washington-area airports, as well as others up and down the Eastern seaboard. And while Klobuchar would clearly prefer to be back in snowy Minnesota for Christmas, she said she’s got a backup plan in case commercial flights to the state are canceled.

“If the Midwestern blizzard comes (Louisiana Democratic Sen.) Mary Landrieu has invited me over to her house for Christmas Eve dinner — but I can tell you that Louisiana cajun shrimp isn’t exactly the traditional Minnesota Christmas,” Klobuchar said with a laugh, before quickly adding that she welcomed the invitation.

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