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Minnesota tribes get federal funding for transit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Four Minnesota tribal transit programs were awarded a total of more than $1.7 million in federal dollars to modernize and expand their transportation systems, Department of Transportation officials announced today.

About $942,000 of that money came from stimulus dollars. The rest came from fiscal year 2009 appropriation dollars.

“We want the economic recovery to reach all of America,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in a statement announcing the funds.  “New and restored transportation infrastructure on tribal lands will help spur and sustain economic growth on those lands.”

The four projects, and the department’s description of what the money will be used for, are:

Red Lake Public Transit System — $594,268 (stimulus funded)
The Red Lake Public Transit System will use the funds for the construction of a bus storage facility and a transit facility addition, as well as the purchase of one hybrid bus, one diesel bus, a GPS locator, and a security system.

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe — $200,000 (stimulus funded)
Funds will be used for the purchase of new vehicles and the construction of a new transit garage and administrative offices.

Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians — $468,263
Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians for the purchase of two Ford Diesel buses to expand service and fleet.

Leech Lake Reservation Tribal Council — $473,503
Leech Lake Reservation Tribal Council will use the funds for start up services, purchase of three vehicles with seating capacity up to 30 passengers.

A full list of funded projects can be found here.

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