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Michele Bachmann distances herself from televangelist’s devil quake theory

WASHINGTON, D.C. — One day after Pat Robertson told a national television audience that the recent earthquake in Haiti was caused at least in part because the Caribbean nation is “cursed” because of a 200-year-old deal with Satan, Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on his program for an interview.

She said nothing about the televangelist’s remarks during her Jan. 14 appearance on his show, a silence that raised questions among some in the media and prompted a sharp rebuke from the state DFL party.

However, Bachmann spokesman Dave Dziok said there’s a simple explanation for why Bachmann didn’t disagree on air with Robertson’s Haiti remarks: Her interview was taped on Nov. 20 — almost two months before it aired.

“She does not share Mr. Robertson’s views on Haiti,” Dziok said, “And it’s absolutely pathetic and despicable for the Democrats to politicize this awful tragedy.”

Dziok was referring to a statement put out by Minnesota DFL Chairman Brian Melendez, released shortly following Bachmann’s “700 Club” appearance:

“Pat Robertson’s comments are inappropriate and embarrassing, especially when so many Americans are uniting in spirit and service to help the people of Haiti,” Melendez said. “Minnesotans deserve to know whether Michele Bachman agrees with Mr. Robertson’s hurtful statements, given that she is such a frequent guest on his show. I call on Representative Bachmann to denounce Robertson’s divisive comments at the earliest opportunity.”

It’s worth noting that a spokesman for CBN, which airs the “700 Club,” tried to distance Robertson from his own remarks just hours after the show aired.

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