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Walz expects zero GOP votes for jobs bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Tim Walz said Democrats must be willing to go it alone if they want to pass a new jobs-focused stimulus bill, a “tough vote” the 1st District Democrat said he is ready and willing to take.

Asked Monday if he expected any Republicans to cross the aisle and vote for a new jobs-focused stimulus package — regardless of what was in it — Walz replied: “I don’t expect to have any. If we voted to say today was Monday, I don’t think we’d get many [Republican] votes.”

House Republicans stood united against the first stimulus bill in January, a disciplined opposition that has largely continued to hold the line on major issues like health care reform, when all but one Republican voted against the Democrats’ bill.

Walz said he’s looking for the new bill to be “more focused on transportation,” to the point that it’s “the core of the jobs bill.”

“If I had my way, I would have had more transportation funding the first time,” Walz said.

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 01/19/2010 - 12:43 pm.

    Partisan sniping often revolves around an unfounded questioning the intelligence (or sanity) of one’s political opposites, and for the most part it is not given a moments consideration by thoughtful observers.

    However there are times when one simply cannot help but wonder if there really is “any one home” in the Democrat party.

    What thought process, for instance, is responsible for the conclusion that tagging Porkulous II a “jobs bill” will prevent the public from recalling that Porkulous I was sold as “creating real jobs” that failed to materialize.

    The Obama administration cannot account for the whereabouts of massive amounts of the borrowed cash they blew the last go-around, and they have not provided a cogent explanation for the thousands of jobs that were claimed to have been created in congressional districts that do not exist.

    And yet, some are surprised that others question the wisdom of doing the same thing again?

    I sincerely hope that the mangling they receive in Massachusetts today causes the “reality based community” to sober up…the party is over, folks.

    Please put the credit card away and allow Americans to work on recovering the economy the right way.

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