Franken amendment on rape included in FY-11 budget

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Still poring through the president’s Fiscal 2011 budget but wanted to flag this little nugget.

The White House has included Sen. Al Franken’s anti-rape amendment, which would prohibit Defense contracts of more than $1 million (a vast majority of them) from going to firms that required their employees to accept binding arbitration for claims of sexual or any other kind of harassment.

The Franken Amendment, as it has become known, was successfully attached to the Fiscal 2010 Defense Appropriations bill.

Inclusion in the Fiscal 2011 budget would be a step toward permanence for the amendment, which stands as among the highest-profile legislative victories for Franken in his first year in the Senate.

More background on the Franken Amendment, including the political backlash it spawned against 30 Republicans in the Senate who opposed it, can be found here.

The language can be found on page 92 of the 94-page Department of Defense-Military budget (PDF).

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