Record snows slow Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Amy Klobuchar was supposed to be at a Commerce committee hearing this morning talking aviation security and those controversial whole-body imaging screening devices that the Transportation Security Administration plans to roll out in hundreds of airports by year’s end.

I say was, because that hearing has postponed due to inclement weather

It’s been like that all week with the vast majority of committee meetings, hearings, press conferences and the like canceled due to a weekend snow, and another Wednesday, that combined to dump two to four feet of snow across a region not accustomed to half that. Washington, Baltimore and Northern Virginia have already recorded record highs for snow in a season with more than a month of winter left to go.

Rep. Collin Peterson has been in the office all week, aides said, though two hearings his Agriculture Committee was to have held were postponed because members were actually snowed out of Washington after all three area airports closed.

Rep. Jim Oberstar’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held a subcommittee hearing on Asian carp (that just three members attended), but postponed hearings scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

Credit to Klobuchar as well, she’s filling in as chair of a hearing on judicial nominations today that was originally scheduled for Wednesday.

Next week won’t be much busier here — it’s the previously-scheduled President’s Day recess.

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