St. Paul’s Union Depot gets $35 million for renovation

WASHINGTON, D.C — The Department of Transportation will announce today that $35 million has been awarded to “renovate and redevelop” St. Paul’s Union Depot.

The project is one of 51 Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) discretionary grants that will be awarded today. The money, $1.5 billion in all, comes from stimulus dollars.

The grant goes to the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority (RCRRA) to “renovate and redevelop historic Union Depot and co-locate Amtrak, intercity bus carriers, local bus and light rail services, taxis, and bicycle accommodations.”

Ramsey County and state officials gathered at the Depot this morning to hear the announcement.

County officials gave this background:

  • Ramsey County is redeveloping the historic 33-acre depot site in downtown St. Paul for Amtrak, intercity and Metro Transit bus services by 2012.
  • The Rail Authority is getting the depot ready for high-speed rail from Chicago, other intercity and commuter rail and additional light rail in the future.
  • RCRRA has already invested more than $40 million in the project and has been working with a variety of Federal, State and local partners to move the project forward.
  • Before today’s announcement, the Federal government had already provided $45 million in funding to complete the purchase of the property and continue construction.
  • The State has already provided $4 million in bond funding and Ramsey County has requested an additional $8.5 million this session.

The full list of grants is here.

Joe Kimball contributed to this report.

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  1. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 02/18/2010 - 11:20 am.

    Huzzah. This beautiful building will be restored to its full state of usefulness by thousands of people every day.

    (I can’t remember which mid-19th Century English art/architecture critic said we should have nothing around us that is not both beautiful and useful. The depot certainly fits.)

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