Colbert tweaks Bachmann, Beck over Census comments

WASHINGTON — Comedian Stephen Colbert had quite a bit of fun last night at Michele Bachmann’s expense, tweaking her and Fox News pundit Glenn Beck for comments the pair had made about the Census.

Bachmann’s comments on the Census are well known, in case you’ve forgotten then ThinkProgress has links to many of them here.

The entire Census segment from Wednesday evening’s Colbert Report is below:

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Worth noting: Despite her earlier criticisms of the Census, Bachmann did vote earlier this month for a House resolution “encouraging individuals across the United States to participate in the 2010 Census to ensure an accurate and complete count beginning April 1, 2010, and expressing support for designation of March 2010 as Census Awareness Month.”

“The 2010 census is happening this year. With that said, it only makes sense that it’s done well,” Bachmann spokesman Dave Dziok explained at the time, adding that “work still needs to be done regarding the sensitive information being ascertained from the census in the future.”

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  1. Anonymous Submitted by Anonymous on 03/18/2010 - 05:01 pm.

    Colbert is a national treasure. Telling it like it is with brilliant satire. Bachmann, however…not so much. Telling it like it isn’t with dumbed down vehemence.

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