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Bachmann to start Tea Party Caucus

WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann today filed paperwork to form the House Tea Party Caucus.

The organization, she said, will be devoted to the Tea Party's principles of "fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, and limited government."

"This caucus will espouse the timeless principles of our founding, principles that all Members of Congress have sworn to uphold," Bachmann said in a statement. "The American people are doing their part and making their voices heard and this caucus will prove that there are some here in Washington willing to listen."

Dozens of caucuses exist currently, covering everything from mental health to microbrews.

The Tea Party caucus would be formed as a House member organization, open to members from either party.

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Comments (4)

My, Rep. Michele Bachmann a busy person, or what? A

The last I heard she was seeking volunteers to help her install oil boom skimmers to keep the BP mess from washing up on the shores of Stillwater.

A busy lady...

Hi Michele,
Thanks for all you do. I am very concerned about the start of a Tea Party Caucus for fear of splitting the vote. For the most part, conservative views overlap with Tea Party views - it would be ashamed to let dems be re-elected based on the much more minor differences between conservative and the extreme liberal views of the current administration and Senate/House majorities. Please, if this is started, speak to conservative unity. We MUST elect conservatives and not split the vote. Please, please, please.
Best Regards,
Dan Roth
(Note: I am from CA, and believe me that I know the destructive vantage point of the liberal view.)

I've never been inside the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. But I have seen it from outside, and I know it is huge. Why ... they're running the whole country (and maybe the world) from inside there for all I know.

So, I'm sure that household can easily provide an office suite for the Tea Party Caucus. And besides, the whole place can use another source of hot air (steam). The new occupants will require scones for nutrition; meetings will commence at 4:00 p.m. sharp everyday (except Sunday.) Membership has to be approved by the Congresswoman.

Most of the Republican Party is running away from the racist, frankly stupid concepts of the so-called Tea Party, better known as this year's crop of political crazies, as fast as possible. And Michele Bachmann wants it tattooed on her for her "tramp stamp."