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Meffert pulls in less than $100K, aims to spin Paulsen’s cash lead against him

Jim Meffert’s campaign raised $98,000 in the second quarter and will go forward in the 3rd District race with a massive cash disadvantage to Rep. Erik Paulsen, the GOP incumbent.

WASHINGTON — Jim Meffert’s campaign raised $98,000 in the second quarter, bringing his total fundraising up to $215,000 — well short of GOP incumbent Rep. Erik Paulsen who holds an almost 9 to 1 advantage in money raised this cycle.

And that, said Team Meffert, is a critical liability… for Paulsen.

“As far as I can tell, Erik Paulsen’s only accomplishment in two years in Congress has been raising money,” Meffert said in a statement announcing his totals. “He’s going to need all of it to explain to the families of the Third District why he’s done nothing but vote against their interests since he arrived in Washington, because we are not about to let him off the hook.”

“Minnesotans are fed up with career politicians like Paulsen who cater to Washington interests and line their campaign accounts while ignoring the problems people are facing.  We need solutions that put people back to work and stabilize our economy, and Paulsen has offered nothing but empty talk, party-line votes, and nearly half a million dollars worth of taxpayer-funded direct mail.”

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Meffert’s camp has been spending its money, now holding just $48,000 in the bank (a gain of $16,000 from the first quarter). Paulsen’s cash-on-hand total is $1.34 million. Advantage Paulsen there, by almost 28 to 1.

Meffert’s campaign said their own fundraising was ironically hurt by a lack of a primary campaign, with supportive donors funneling cash elsewhere.

“We expect to see a sharp uptick in fundraising when this is out of the way,” Meffert spokeswoman Kate Monson said.