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Bachmann hospitalized, released, recuperating

WASHINGTON — Michele Bachmann is recuperating back in her district today after being hospitalized Friday here in Washington.

"She had to head into the hospital on Friday, but went back to Minnesota on Saturday and has been taking it easy there this weekend," Bachmann spokesman Dave Dziok said. "She's doing really well now."

The illness scuttled Bachmann's planned weekend campaign trip to St. Louis for Missouri Senate hopeful Roy Blunt, but she was still able to appear via Skype.

Her trip had been criticized by some in the Tea Party, who say Blunt isn't sufficiently conservative. They argue she should instead favor state Sen. Chuck Purgason, who has been heavily backed by none other than Samuel "Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher.

Dziok declined to discuss what ailed her Friday, but emphasized that it's "nothing folks should worry about going forward."

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Comments (7)

All paid for by her government provided health insurance I'm sure. Or did she pay out of pocket because she is against government unless she benefits from it financially?

Gee, was this hospitalization the result of being stung by a swarm of hornets?

Like a very nasty little girl, Ms. Bachmann has previously enjoyed poking and prodding this TeaParty hornet's nest and watching them attack an entire collection of innocent passers by, her friends and neighbors - mostly other Republicans.

I suspect it never crossed her mind that, with one slight move in the "wrong" direction the swarm might turn on her.

Whatever her undisclosed illness might be, I can't help but feel it was based on her complete shock that she, herself, so adored by the TeaPartiers, could find that adoration turned to raging hatred as she became a target of their uninformed, logic-free, oversized, irrational anger.

Word is she was poisoned. Stay classy libs.

Quite amazing, Bachmann was out of action for all of 2 days...

and the country survived!

You posters are a real class act.

Dennis, you may be right for once. Bachmann's words are poison, and she's had to eat them so many times lately, she may have been poisoned by them.

Plausible, very plausible.

"Illness" is still unidisclosed. It is being kept a secret ... so we asked again ...

Why? -- Privacy.

Why? -- Because Government is not to be trusted. Remember the Census!

Why? -- Because the liberals and Obama are conspiring to take our freedoms away, and make us a nation of slaves.

Why? -- Why, why? Because the sky is very high.

Why? -- Oh, okay. Because I was afraid to face the Missouri Tea Party. They are fiercer than Quantrill's Raiders! That's why!