Bachmann spokesman Dziok to depart

WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann’s chief spokesman, Dave Dziok, will depart her office at day’s end after two and a half years speaking on her behalf.

Bachmann’s office has been marked by high turnover at the top — four chiefs of staff have come and gone in her not-quite four years in office — but Dziok’s career has tracked along with hers throughout most of her rise to national prominence and Tea Party celebrity. And this morning, he said he was leaving on great terms.

“I’ve got nothing but praise for Congresswoman Bachmann and these past two-and-half years have been an incredible experience,” Dziok said. “I’m happy she gave me the opportunity to work along side her for all these years. But a great opportunity was extended to me, and it’s the right move for my family.”

Dziok, on Monday, will start up at D.C. public relations giant Edelman, which in 2009 was rated the top PR firm in America by Ad Age. We wish him well in his new role.

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  1. Submitted by Eric Henly on 08/16/2010 - 11:10 am.

    Completely understand! Being a spokesperson for Michele Bachmann would be an especially tough job. On the one hand, she is such a media hound that is hard to get her away from a microphone long enough to allow anyone else to use it. On the other hand, spending your days trying to justify all of her insane statements would take its toll, and most likely leave any sane person feel in need of a serious shower at the end of the day.

    Don’t you wish that you could get an honest reponse from any of these people leaving her campaign as to why there is so much turnover?

  2. Submitted by r batnes on 08/16/2010 - 03:00 pm.

    Anyone that’s ever worked on a farm knows that shoveling horse manure all day is a tough job.

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