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Coincidence? Pawlenty’s book cover resembles Palin’s

The cover shot of Gov. Tim Pawlenty that graces his memoir doesn’t look much like a typical memoir cover.

WASHINGTON — The cover shot of Gov. Tim Pawlenty that graces his memoir doesn’t look much like a typical memoir cover. But it bears more than a passing reference to the cover of Going Rogue, the political memoir of the woman who beat him out for John McCain’s VP slot.

It was a coincidence first noticed by Vanity Fair, which noted that most male politicians opt for dark suits while doing something with their hands.

Vanity Fair said Pawlenty’s was “not an unprecedented stylistic choice. Nay, the tacky red casualwear, expansive blue sky, and severely serifed font recall an extremely familiar design, namely the front cover of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue. (The books also have similar subtitles: ‘An American Life’ [Palin] and ‘An American Story’ [Pawlenty].)”

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Coincidence? Maybe. But it may also be one more piece of evidence that Pawlenty as presidential aspirant is has begun staking his presidential lot in the same corner of the Republican Party as Palin.

For further evidence, consider his PAC donations outside Minnesota. As we reported in July:

Pawlenty’s PAC gave $2,000 to South Carolina’s Joe Wilson (the guy who yelled “You Lie” when President Obama spoke to Congress last September), $2,000 to Trey Gowdy (who knocked off the very-conservative-but-apparently-not-enough Rep. Bob Inglis in a primary), $3,500 to gubernatorial candidate and rising star Nikki Haley and a further $3,000 to Sen. Jim DeMint (with no dollars set aside for his counterpart, the more moderate Lindsay Graham).

And remember: As influential as Palin has become in the Republican Party, so far she’s shown really no signs of building the sort of infrastructure generally associated with a serious presidential run.

Pawlenty has begun building a team to help with a presidential run, as has former Massachussets Gov. Mitt Romney, the money leader among presidential aspirants so far whose name comes at or near the top of every recent GOP presidential poll.. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has begun building his team, while Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, whom POLITICO dubbed “the most powerful Republican in politics“, has one ready to rise if he decided to pull the trigger.

Not so Palin. And if this is more than just coincidence it would make some amout of sense. After all, if Palin doesn’t run, well, her supporters will have to back someone…

More on the photo shoot itself is here. A Pawlenty spokesman says the governor is still writing the book, which is scheduled to be released on Jan. 11.