Kagan confirmed by Senate to the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — Sen. Al Franken announced the outcome: “The tally is 63 to 37. The motion is confirmed.”

And with that, Elena Kagan became the fourth woman confirmed by the Senate to the Supreme Court. It was a largely party-line vote, with just five Republicans voting for her and one Democrat against.

Both Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Franken voted yes, as expected.

“I do believe when you look at her experience, she’s always been in tough jobs and she’s done them well,” Klobuchar said. “She’s been able to bring people together and build consensus, which is what I believe you truly need on such a highly-divided court.”

A bit of political trivia: Franken was also in the chair when Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed a year ago. After today’s confimation, he spoke highly of Kagan.

“Throughout her confirmation process, Solicitor General Elena Kagan has proven that she understands how the Supreme Court directly impacts the lives of the Minnesotans and Americans it was created to serve,” Franken said following the vote. “She has also proven she understands the Court’s obligation to the Congress that represents those citizens.”

“I believe that she will continue a longstanding tradition of protecting and serving the American people with equal justice under law. I congratulate her and consider her appointment as a victory in preserving the values we hold dear in Minnesota.”

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