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Poll: Without Huck or Palin, Pawlenty still in low single digits in Iowa

WASHINGTON — Gov. Tim Pawlenty polled at just one percent support in a recent Iowa poll, but what would happen for Minnesota’s presidential aspirant if one were to remove Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, whom many believe aren’t seriously mulling runs?

Well, a Republican-leaning Iowa news website asked just that question and found Mitt Romney leading the revised pack with 26 percent support, followed by Newt Gingrich on 18 percent and Ron Paul on 7 percent. Pawlenty polled fourth with just 3 percent backing.

Good news for TPaw though — the site lists him and Ron Paul as candidates one shouldn’t dismiss.

While many are quick to write off candidates like Ron Paul, who is at seven percent, Pawlenty at three percent, or the other candidates who barley register in the poll, it’s these candidates who people need to watch.

Ron Paul’s seven percent in the poll is nothing to sneeze at.  Like Romney, Paul would come into Iowa better prepared and with higher name ID than he did in 2008.  His ability to raise money turned heads in 2008, and if he can raise that kind of money early on for his campaign this time around, he will be a major factor in Iowa.

Tim Pawlenty shouldn’t be over-looked either.  The three percent in the poll indicates that he is moving the ball in the right direction and is making connections in Iowa.  Pawlenty also has the benefit of having some major players with Iowa roots backing his potential campaign.

Longtime political operatives Terry Nelson and Sara Taylor, two Iowa natives, are already on board with Pawlenty.  Those two are joined by Chuck Larson, Jr., a well-connected former Iowa GOP Chair, state legislator, and Ambassador.  Karen Slifka, a veteran of numerous presidential campaigns who has also served a stint with the RNC, is also on board with Pawlenty.

Full results and IR’s writeup are here.

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  1. Submitted by William Pappas on 08/18/2010 - 08:46 pm.

    Onced upon a time a man named tiny tim proclaimed himself presidential. No one else had noticed that tiny tim hadn’t accomplished a single thing in his home state but they also didn’t notice he was vastly disliked by his very own people by a wide majority. In fact many smart people of his own party proclaimed his excellence due to his “blank slate”. Other’s liked his folksy attitude and the way he bankrupted the government. One TV station really liked that tiny tim hated government. For this reason, a few others considered him qualified to lead our government. But despite tiny tim’s proclomations of greatness and the smart people’s reasons for liking him less than 3 in one hundred people felt the same way in the tiny state of Iowa. The end.

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