Senate coming back Thursday for border bill

WASHINGTON — Recess? What recess?

“The Senate will come back into session tomorrow to pass important legislation to help secure our nation’s borders and a resolution to honor the memory of former Senator Ted Stevens by unanimous consent,” said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The border bill is a $600 million package that includes an additional 1,500 border agent and unmanned drones along the U.S.-Mexico border. It passed the House on a voice vote Tuesday. The measure is paid for by increasing worker visa fees on firms that import workers for temporary jobs in the U.S.

This vote should be a simple, straightforward one; The Senate passed a nearly identical bill (also on a voice vote) before they left town for the summer.

Then, perhaps, vacation.

“Once the Senate adjourns tomorrow, we will remain in recess until September 13th,” Manley said.

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