Pawlenty raises $786K in 3rd quarter, main PAC tops $3 million so far

WASHINGTON — Gov. Tim Pawlenty raised $778,000 across his three political action committees from July through September, while his main group, Freedom First PAC, crested the $3 million dollar mark.

Freedom First raised $557,000 in the 3rd quarter, down from $723,500 in the second quarter. His Iowa PAC will report $135,500 while his New Hampshire PAC took in a little less than $86,000. Adding up cash-on-hand between the three, Pawlenty’s PACs have about $668,000 in the bank.

Though the numbers might not be on the level of other presidential aspirants like Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin, Team TPaw says they’re happy where they are this quarter, considering Pawlenty’s trips to Afghanistan, Iraq and China, time spent on his elected duties (which Romney and Palin don’t have) and diverting some of his fundraising efforts to help raise money for the Republican Governors Association.

That’s a fair point, though it does provide one measurable signpost to keep in mind for next year: April 15. That’s when his first full quarter results come in when he’ll be devoted full-time to running for president.

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