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Bachmann, Clark found success advertising on the other team’s terms

One advertorial footnote to the most expensive House race in history will be that Michele Bachmann and Tarryl Clark both found success advertising on websites or using Google search terms that one might ostensibly think would favor their opponent.

“We have done extensive, targeted web advertising,” Clark spokeswoman Carrie Lucking said. “We did not advertise on specific sites, but we did run ads when people googled terms like ‘Bachmann for President,’ which ostensibly would mean we advertised to some Bachmann supporters.”

Those ads ran around the same time as Bachmann’s name found its way onto the Values Voters Summit’s 2012 presidential straw poll as part of the Clark campaign’s strategy to paint Bachmann as focused on something beyond her 6th District duty. Bachmann would pull her name off the ballot before votes could be cast for her.

Meanwhile, Team Bachmann — which also spent big on word-linked online advertising — said this morning that it actually financed a last minute get-out-the-vote mailer to Anoka County using $12,000 in donations that it  raised off such ads that found their way on the anti-Bachmann blog

“DumpBachmann blog advertising raised @ $12,000 THANK YOU we were able to mail all of Anoka County one last time with that cash!” Bachmann adviser Andy Parrish tweeted earlier today.

A bit of success, in both cases found in seemingly unlikely corners of the Internet.

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