Bachmann defeats Clark, as eyes turn to possible leadership bid

Rep. Michele Bachmann has won the most expensive campaign in the history of the House of Representatives, MinnPost can now project.

Bachmann leads Tarryl Clark 52-40 with about half of all precincts reporting in a race where every form of media was saturated with ads since well before Labor Day. Bachmann raised more than $11 million, blowing out records for an incumbent, while Clark set records for a challenger with $4.2 million.

Attention for Bachmann now turns to her role in the next session, with speculation mounting that she’ll make a bid for a spot in the GOP’s House leadership.

Bachmann, who founded the House Tea Party Caucus, said she’ll start an action-oriented “Constitutional Conservatives Caucus” that will, among other things, hold classes on the Constitution for members and staff. However, there may be a bigger post out there for her.

The head of the House Republican Conference may be open, and Bachmann staffers say several Republican representatives have asked her to take a look at that spot. Her reply to Sean Hannity, when he asked her about it: “There may be positions that open up and if that’s the case I certainly would.”

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  1. Submitted by Terry Hayes on 11/03/2010 - 08:47 am.

    As a Clark supporter, my consolation is that Bachmann really doesn’t do anything except show up on TV and make idiotic remarks. As far as any legislation goes, it’s like having a blow-up doll occupying the seat in Congress.
    I’ve always said…Palin/Bachmann 2012! Let’s run the country into the garbage bins of history and start over from scratch.

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