Bachmann plans to lead ‘Constitutional Conservatives’ in the House

WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann plans to form and lead a “Constitutional Conservative Caucus” in the 112th Congress, she announced today — in addition to continuing as the titular head of the Tea Party in the House.

Bachmann’s comments came in a radio interview with conservative talker Sean Hannity this afternoon.

So what’s the future of the Constitutional Conservatives, vis a vis the Tea Party Group? Well, the two caucuses seem designed to work within the same political spac, given that the founding principles of the Tea Party Caucus included that Congress needs to get back to acting within the limitations placed on it by the Constitution.

“It will be a different caucus focused on defending constitutional conservative principles, by holding regular classes with real experts,” Bachmann spokesman Sergio Gor said. The Tea Party Caucus, he said, will “allow Americans from all over the United States to be able to connect with members of congress without any filter.”

Essentially, the Constitutional Conservatives (ConCons? ConstiCons?) will be a more action-oriented group, while the Tea Partiers remain a largely listening arm.

So that’s what we know. Here’s a bit of idle speculation.

A Fox News blogger’s report that Bachmann would be an “intriguing possibility” as the next head of the House Republican Conference, an official leadership position. The logic:

Over the summer, Bachmann founded the Tea Party Caucus on Capitol Hill and is a darling of the conservative movement. She’s telegenic, energetic and could have wide support (especially among freshmen) if she decided to seek the post. Plus, many of the tea party-backed members coming to Congress would then have a bona fide representative in the formal leadership structure.

However, by the same token, some in the core of the GOP fret that Bachmann could be a “loose cannon” if she were elected to the inner-circle. A conservative flame-thrower, Bachmann is known for tossing red meat to the base and simultaneously making the party brass wince.

So Hannity asked Bachmann if she was interested in a leadership role. Her reply: That there aren’t likely to be challenges to current party leaders but… “there may be positions that open up and if that’s the case I certainly would.”

Asked to clarify, Gor replied that “the Congresswoman has been clear, her goal is to represent the 6th district, and wont speculate on anything else.”

Because as Gor well knows, there’s a certain individual named Tarryl Clark who could have a lot to say about all those plans if Bachmann makes the mistake of overlooking her.

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