Jesse ‘The President’ Ventura? Former governor says he could run — and win — in 2012

WASHINGTON — Minnesotans are pretty sure that their current governor, Tim Pawlenty, is going to run for president — but he might have company in the race from another former governor.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura told the New Yorker that he’d like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run for president. If Bloomberg doesn’t want to go, but would be willing to help finance his campaign, Ventura said he’d be willing to run. What’s more, Ventura said if he ran he’d win.

From the New Yorker:

“He would probably get my support,” the former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura said of Bloomberg, or “Blomberg,” as he pronounced it, explaining that he refuses to vote for either Democrats or Republicans, on principle. Ventura then brought up the recent losses of “Linda McMahon and that lady in California,” Meg Whitman, who spent roughly fifty million dollars and a hundred and sixty million dollars, respectively, as a way of suggesting that wealth is not enough. (This has surely been a concern, at times, of Perot and even of Silvio Berlusconi, two of Bloomberg’s weekend neighbors, who, with the Mayor, make up a kind of Bermuda Triangle of rich politicos.)

“If Bloomberg could finance me for the Presidency, I would win it,” Ventura said. “So, if he doesn’t want it, he could hire me to do it for him.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by larry boss on 11/09/2010 - 09:07 am.

    I don’t know who is more delusional, Tom Horner running for governor or Jesse Ventura running for president!

  2. Submitted by Bruce Anderson on 11/09/2010 - 01:35 pm.

    T-paw is much more delusional.

  3. Submitted by larry boss on 11/09/2010 - 03:52 pm.

    Bruce, I agree that T-Paw is delusional, however I also know that you are a equally delusional IP fruit cake. The IP did what we hoped it would and elected our DFL candidate for governor. Keep up the good work you dummies.

  4. Submitted by Steve Carlson on 11/11/2010 - 06:38 pm.

    It’s certainly not delusional for Ventura to suggest that there be an independent candidate, either Bloomberg (like Hagel was a possibility in 2008 I think) or someone who could win the Presidency independently from the two-party system. In fact, it seems like very clear thinking. Obama’s support is not high, and most of it seems from the threat of putting a Republican back in.

    Meanwhile, the Republicans, rather than addressing issues that are a real threat to the American people, seem to be cagily playing to get a Republican president in first. That’s what I think is somewhat delusional.

    I’m glad Jesse Ventura has stepped forward to address this situation. I just saw today that Nancy Reagan has already called the first Republican presidential debate for spring 2011 and the Reagan library. Pawlenty is out there. Many might reasonably think that Ventura is as good or better than Pawlenty as a candidate, based on Ventura’s accomplishments as Minnesota governor.

    So I would like to add my support to get some viable independent challenge to the two main parties in the presidential race for 2012. I’ve already said that before, and I agree with Ventura.

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