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Kline says focus will be on education, economy

The prospective chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, Rep.

WASHINGTON — The prospective chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, Rep. John Kline, said he plans to focus on “expanding the involvement of parents in their children’s education” as he looks toward the next Congress where he will be the top Republican writing the nation’s multi-year education bill.

MinnPost has projected that Kline defeated DFL challenger Shelley Madore, and that Republicans will take the House.

Kline has called for an increased focus on local involvement in school decisions, starting at a point of general opposition with broad national education standards.

His committee is also the top House panel on anything that touches the economy: The stimulus, health care law and financial regulatory reform all came through the Ed & Labor Committee.

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Kline’s statement in full:

For the past eight years, I have been privileged to represent the views and values of the men and women in Minnesota’s 2nd district. I am grateful to once again have the opportunity to represent them in Washington.

In the 112th Congress, I will continue to lead the fight against wasteful pork-barrel spending that is pervasive in Washington. I remain committed to embracing economic policies that will grow Minnesota’s economy and put people back to work. Changing the culture of wasteful spending in Washington won’t happen overnight, but the days of a big-spending, overreaching, backroom-dealing culture in Congress are coming to an end.

As the top Republican on the House and Education and Labor Committee, I look forward to continuing to play a leading role in expanding the involvement of parents in their children’s education and improving conditions for workers and job-creators across the nation.

It has been an honor to represent the Minnesotans I serve, and I humbly look forward to tackling the serious challenges our nation faces on behalf of all Americans.