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Bachmann headed to Michigan next week, but some in GOP question candidate she’s campaigning for

WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann is headed to Michigan next week to campaign for state party chair candidate Bobby Schostak, officials with her office and in Michigan confirmed today.

News of the trip was first reported by the Grand Rapids Press, which described Bachmann as “a firebrand reactionary or conservative voice of reason depending on your point of view.” Grand Rapids should be very friendly turf for Bachmann. One of the more conservative cities in the U.S., Grand Rapids sits quite literally in the heart of Michigan’s Bible Belt, as one of the world’ largest Christian publishing houses is located there. She’ll also appear with him in Oakland County, the affluent GOP stronghold of suburban Detroit.

“Michigan will play a vital role in the next Presidential election, she knows what is at stake in 2012 and it’s never to early to energize the grassroots,” said Bachmann Chief of Staff Andy Parrish.

GOP strategist John Yob told the Press that “it is very smart to bring in a tea-party star like Bachmann to demonstrate that Schostak shares our frustrations and will work hard to be the leader for all segments of our party.”

There’s one slightly thorny issue with the trip, and that’s the candidate she’s going to support. While most of Schostak’s political contributions have gone to Republicans, he’s actually made some sizeable donations to Democrats. Those donations include $1,000 to Joe Lieberman’s 2004 presidential bid, $500 to John Kerry’s Senate campaign and, oddly enough, $666 to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2007. Parrish referred questions about the donations to Schostak’s team.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that parts of the very right side of the GOP have taken issue with an endorsement of hers — recall this past summer that some in Missouri were angry with her endorsement of Senate candidate Roy Blunt over a Tea Party challenger. I should also point out that the criticism didn’t matter at all at the end of the day then, and it probably won’t here either.

I’d also question why people apply a bit of a double standard to Bachmann to she ought to endorse a certain way because of her espoused beliefs but don’t hold all their elected officials’ endorsements to the same standard of scrutiny. But that’s a much longer story for another day, perhaps.

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