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MN delegation splits evenly as Boehner elected Speaker

John Boehner is the new speaker of the House, and while more than a dozen Democrats cast protest votes against Nancy Pelosi, all four Minnesota Dems voted for her.

WASHINGTON — Republican John Boehner of Ohio is the new speaker of the House, after representatives cast their first official votes for the 112th session.

Minnesota’s representatives, as expected, split along party lines, with all four Republicans voting for Boehner and all four Democrats backing former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

A little more than a dozen Democrats split from Pelosi, most picking North Carolina centrist Heath Shuler, who ran a quixotic race against Pelosi in an earlier Democratic caucus meeting in protest for her seeking the top job after Democrats lost the House. As with that earlier vote, Pelosi was easily the top vote-getter among Democrats again today.