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Pawlenty on possible Bachmann bid: ‘Well, it’s a free country’

WASHINGTON — Politics Daily columnist Matt Lewis talked with Pawlenty Thursday, and asked him the question most every Minnesota political reporter has been trying to get an answer to since word of Michele Bachmann’s presidential aspirations leaked early Wednesday.

What does Pawlenty, one of the most likely GOP presidential candidates (who already has staff working on a possible bid, though he hasn’t formally announced yet), think of Bachmann’s dipping her toes in the White House waters?

Well, it’s a free country. Anyone can run that’s over the age of 35. I have respect for Michele Bachmann. I’ve had a cordial and positive relationship with her.

The full interview, in which Pawlenty touches on John Boehner, Michael Steele, Afghanistan, hockey and bumper stickers, is well worth the read and can be read in full here.

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