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Bachmann: Presidential decision could come this month

WASHINGTON — The original plan for Bachmann’s entry into the presidential race had been to announce one way or the other in June. Yet there’s a chance she could announce as early as later this month, Bachmann confirmed today.

“Our phones are ringing off the hook, our Facebook has been lit up, the donations are pouring in, and people are saying ‘Michele, jump in, we want you to run,’” Bachmann told Fox News Tuesday afternoon. “We had announced earlier that we would be looking at a June entry date for a decision one way or another about this race; possibly we may move that up.”

It’s unclear when that might happen though.

Next week, the House returns to Washington and Bachmann will be here for the front half of that week. She heads to Iowa for a five-day swing over the Memorial Day weekend, and rumors had been swirling in that state that she’d announce at a May 26 fundraiser in Des Moines. Chief of Staff Andy Parrish said last week that she won’t be announcing then, and in an e-mail to National Review, seemingly squashed the idea that an announcement would come during that trip at all.

“Perhaps some of the presidential campaigns are irritated by Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presence in Iowa,” Parrish wrote. “That must be why they’ve resorted to the tired old political game of trying to hype expectations by making up stories about her upcoming trip to the Hawkeye State.”

Taking Bachmann’s latest comments at face value, she’s at least considering it a change in plans.

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