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Paul Ryan: I look forward to seeing T-Paw’s Medicare plan

WASHINGTON — Rep. Paul Ryan, the author of the House Republican budget and its plan to overhaul Medicare into something more resembling a voucher program, told MinnPost he welcomes Tim Pawlenty’s support for his plan, and is eager to see details of Pawlenty’s plan for entitlement spending.

“That sounds pretty good to me,” Ryan said of Pawlenty’s statement Thursday in New Hampshire that, as president, he’d sign Ryan’s plan if his own didn’t pass Congress for some reason.

Pawlenty has said he’ll release his own plan for entitlements in the coming weeks and months. While Ryan’s didn’t touch Social Security, Pawlenty’s will, and the former Minnesota governor has already hinted that his plan will contain both a gradual increase in the retirement age and some form of means testing for cost of living increases.

On Medicare, Pawlenty has said he’ll look to implement some form of quality care controls, while trying to incentivize efficiency in both insurance and patient care. He has also said seniors should have the ability to choose from a series of options, “one of which would be to stay in the current program.”

Ryan’s plan, meanwhile, is much more of a voucher-style system, the crux of it being where the federal government would offer support monies to subsidize private insurance coverage for seniors.

“I look forward to seeing his plan,” Ryan said in a brief interview with MinnPost off the House floor Thursday night. “I mean, I want people bringing solutions to the table.”

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