Bachmann’s weekend schedule up in the air

WASHINGTON — Michele Bachmann might need to be in two places at once this weekend.

Bachmann, a Congresswoman and presidential candidate, has six campaign events scheduled in Iowa on Saturday and Sunday, but the House of Representatives will be in session over the weekend as lawmakers try to reach a deal that would raise the government’s debt limit.

At the moment, the Bachmann campaign has no plans for the candidate to either leave Washington or cancel her campaign events, campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart said. The campaign is tracking the Congressional schedule and will adjust their travel plans accordingly, she said.

Should Bachmann leave Washington to visit in Iowa, the campaign is looking into contingency plans to bring her back her to cast her vote, Stewart said.

Ahead of August’s Iowa Straw Poll, Bachmann has been campaigning heavily in the Hawkeye state. Like many members of Congress who seek the presidency, Bachmann has missed a lot of congressional votes (more than 40 percent, as of Tuesday) while campaigning, though she’s missed many more than the two other House members currently running.

Bachmann has made her opposition to raising the debt limit one of the centerpieces of her campaign so far. Her speech at the National Press Club on Thursday was focused almost exclusively on that issue.

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