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Liberal groups target Cravaack on the debt limit

Two groups have launched a television ad in Duluth using the debt limit to target Chip Cravaack.

“Congressman Chip Cravaack and the Republicans in Congress are driving us toward the edge of the cliff,” a narrator says.”Recklessly risking default. Recklessly risking jobs and the American economy. They’re willing to risk it all to protect the tax breaks of millionaires, oil companies and CEOs who fly around in corporate jets. Even if the rest of us crash and burn.

“Tell Congressman Cravaack — Don’t drive America’s economy off a cliff,” the ad says as a car plummets off a ledge.

Cravaack voted for the Republicans’ Cut, Cap and Balance legislation this week and has said he’ll vote for an increase to the debt limit  if it comes with large spending cuts and future hurdles to increased spending. The deadline to raising the debt limit is Aug. 2.

The ad will run in Duluth today and Friday. It’s part of a a $30,000 ad buy from the Service Employees International Union and Americans United for Change targeting four Republicans, three of whom are freshman.

Cravaack’s district is one of Democrats’ top targets in 2012, and liberal groups have already launched a handful of ads against him.

Wisconsin residents who live near Duluth will get a double dose of the ad: their Congressman, Sean Duffy, is also a target of the ad buy.

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