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Minnesota Republicans cool to McConnell debt plan

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has offered President Obama new authority to raise the federal debt limit without cutting government spending.
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has offered President Obama new authority to raise the federal debt limit without cutting government spending.

“We believe the American people expect us to do something about reducing spending, getting our deficits and debts under control,” press secretary Jay Carney said at his daily briefing. “I think the president made clear is that we are the United States of America; we should not be engaged in raising every six weeks, eight weeks, three months, six months a question about whether or not we’re going to meet our obligations.  So that still is his position.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the plan has “merit,” telling reporters. “What Leader McConnell has put on the table recognizes that we must … lift the debt ceiling, that we must do that … So it has that merit in that it says, what are we talking about here? We have to pass this.”

In the Senate, Minnesota Democrat Al Franken said he was still considering the plan.

“I’m pleased that he finally recognizes that failing to raise the debt ceiling would be disastrous for our economy,” he said. “That said, no matter what deal we reach on the debt ceiling, we also need to focus on creating jobs and significantly cutting our long-term debt.”

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Comments (7)

  1. Submitted by Neal Rovick on 07/14/2011 - 09:07 am.

    Picture Lucy holding the football, Charlie Brown running up to kick it…

    Now picture the 2012 election.

    Who will be accused of running up the debt limit 3 times? Who will be accused of illegal/unconstitutional actions? Who will be accused of reckless spending?

    All it is is a way for the Republicans to retain maximum political viability–still being able to talk the “fiscal hawk”, “constitutional”, “true-American” talk without revealing their hand that their effort to hold the richest harmless while gutting those programs that benefit the majority of Americans.

    It is only a way to save the Republicans bloviating ways with respect to taxes, spending and budget.

    If they have a way to a “balanced budget” or reduced deficit, come up with it. Who and what will be cut? After all, if they will not raise revenue, what are the other options?

    Time to force a stand on their part.

    Enough of this BS!!

    Charlie don’t kick this ball no more.

  2. Submitted by Arnie Hillmann on 07/14/2011 - 03:02 pm.

    Minnesota Republican Leadership is not skilled enough to understand the word recognize or recognize the professional art of compromise.

    They need to go back to the playground and learn the meaning of these words and the word negotiate.

    Their inexperience is showing.

  3. Submitted by Shirley Gallagher on 07/14/2011 - 03:18 pm.

    President Obama didn’t agree to a short-term Debt Ceiling.
    The President said he would Veto any short term Bill.
    I think Gop Rep. Larry Howes is not for real, and could be playing a game with Gov.
    But the people seem to be happy with it and thats all that matters.

  4. Submitted by Shirley Gallagher on 07/14/2011 - 03:30 pm.

    The Republicans would cut Medicare,Medicaid, and Social Security which will hurt the Seniors, poor and middle class. But the Republicans don’t want raise tax on Corporation millionairies and big Oil Companies. why?.

    I know Health Insurers and Big Oil Companies donated huge sum of money to the Republicans Nov.2-2010 election.
    Dan Rathner said more money spend on the 2010 election than in the 2008 Presidental Race.
    You got to know when that kind of money is involved a lots of influences will be ask of any Politicans.
    The Tea Party pac Leader said that this is what the Tea Party wants, but the didn’t use the Koch’s name but i know these ideal’s the the Republicans is comming up came from the Koch’s brothers.

  5. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 07/14/2011 - 04:13 pm.

    Lou Dubose of The Washington Spectator says that no one was talking about the deficit until the
    Republicans needed another weapon to use against the president.

    With enough “noise” through the media, they were able to move it from an issue that did not exist in the minds of Americans who were surveyed to see what they were worried about to one of the top issues they worry about today.

    Now the deficit has become a principal means of attack and refusing to raise the debt ceiling (which was raised about seven times under Bush without most of the public even noticing) has become a way to reduce future spending on social safety net programs by Obama’s “irresponsible” government.

  6. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 01/28/2013 - 09:16 am.

    Ya know… there’s really no point

    There’s really no point in reporting Republican reactions to Obama or Democrats ideas or initiatives. We all know they’re going to reject anything that isn’t a tax cut or cut in government spending on civilian services and programs. NEWS would any sudden Republican support for an initiative. Republican rejectionism isn’t just predictable at this point, it’s boring. I didn’t even read this article for instance and I’m sure I didn’t miss anything. Just saying.

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