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New SuperPAC targets Cravaack

A new SuperPAC has named Rep. Chip Cravaack as one of its top targets in 2012.

A newly-formed SuperPAC from California has named Rep. Chip Cravaack as one of its top targets in 2012.

The CREDO SuperPAC, formed by the San Fransisco-based Credo Mobile cell phone company, lists the freshman 8th District Republican as one of six lawmakers it will work to unseat in November. CREDO calls Cravaack “The Hypocrite’s Hypocrite,” blasting him for supporting the Paul Ryan budget plan and funding cuts to Planned Parenthood and his family’s move to New Hampshire.

CREDO campaign manager Matthew Arnold told the Associated Press that the group will spend around $3 million to put staffers in the targeted districts (which includes Cravaack’s eastern neighbor, Wisconsin’s Sean Duffy). A campaign spokesman said Cravaack will focus on doing his job instead of responding to the group of “San Fransisco progressives” attacking him.

“Chip has stayed above the fray and remains focused on creating more jobs for the 8th District,” campaign adviser Ben Golnik said. “He will continue to work with his colleagues on bipartisan, common-sense solutions to the problems facing our country.”

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SuperPACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money, but they can’t coordinate their efforts with individual campaigns. At least one other SuperPAC, the House Majority PAC, has run ads against Cravaack.

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